Clinical Services Department Vision Statement

The CHRISTUS EMS Clinical Services Department consists of a diverse group of EMS professionals dedicated to the success of educating other EMS Professionals in the management of pre-hospital emergency care. We are first and foremost focused on the proper care of the patient and are committed to being a leader among pre-hospital providers through quality education, a patient centered mentality, and leadership within the organization. Team Members at CHRISTUS EMS are challenged to hold intellectual honesty, academic responsibility, and the treatment of others with respect and courtesy as a personal code of conduct


We strive to provide education based on a practical application of evidence based medicine by providing a high quality educational experience throughout the organization and community, with compassion and a patient centered focus.


To serve as a primary and effective source to all First Responder Organizations so they may become well trained and efficient teams that will be patient centered and motivated to continually serve the communities as their needs arise for pre-hospital care.


To provide a continuous quality assurance program that allows pre-hospital healthcare providers a current feedback process to review patient care trends and patient disposition. To focus on objective standards that will improve patient outcomes while identifying pathways that can be improved for the overall performance of the EMS system, as well as increased excellence in patient care.